Children's Literature Council's 2004 Fall Gala
October 9, 2004
Descanso Gardens in La Mirada-Flintridge, California

Photo Gallery
Photographs by Darrin Nogales
Photo of Dorothy C. McKenzie, founder of Children's Literature Council, with scrapbook of the history of the organization in pictures
Keynote Speaker,
author Vicki Cobb is the author of over 80 nonfiction books for children. She is the recipient of the 2004 Sibert Award Honor for her book, I Face the Wind.
Guests enjoying the books on sale by Storyopolis


Buffet Breakfast provided by Descanso Gardens caterers


Guests listen to author Vicki Cobb speak about how nonfiction science books are written, illustrated, published and marketed.


2004 Awards Presentation

The 2004 Children's Literature Council Award Winners
were presented to the following authors, illustrators, and individuals for their distinguished contribution to the field of children's literature:

Jerry Stanley
Deborah Chandra
Madeleine Comora
Hope Anita Smith
Dr. Stephen Krashen

Myra Cohn Livingston Award for Poetry

Myra Cohn Livingston is seen on a video of an event that celebrated the publishing of her 80th book.
Hope Anita Smith, author of The Way a Door Closes, accepts the 2004 Myra Cohn Livinston Award for Poetry.



"Excellence and Exuberance in a Picture Book"
Author and Illustrator Marla Frazee (left) accepts the award for "Excellence and Exuberance in a Picture Book" for her book Roller Coaster from CLC Awards Committee Member, Laurie Reese (Los Angeles Public Library).



"Creative Collaboration in Non-Fiction"
CLC Awards Committee Member Stephanie Meyer (Campbell Hall) (left) presents the award for "Creative Collaboration in Non-Fiction" for George Washington's Teeth to Madeleine Comora and Deborah Chandra.
"Distinguished Work of Non-Fiction"
Author Jerry Stanley accepts the 2004 CLC Award for "Distinguished Work of Non-Fiction" for his book, Cowboys and Longhorns: A Portrait of the Long Drive, from CLC Awards Committee Member Susan Erickson (San Bernadino Public Library).



"Dorothy C. McKenzie Award"
for Distinguished Contribution to the Field of Children's Literature
Dr. Stephen Krashen, Professor Emeritus, USC Department of Education, Learning & Instruction, receives the CLC 2004 "Dorothy C. McKenzie Award for Distinguished Service" from CLC President, Roger Kelly (Pasadena Public Library).
Right - The Power of Reading by Dr. Krashen.



Children's Literature Council Emeritus Award
CLC President Roger Kelly honors emeritus CLC Board Member and former winner of the Dorothy C. McKenzie Award, Peggy Miller.


2004 CLC Awards Committee Chair and CLC Board Member Marilyn Taniguchi (Beverly Hills Public Library and CLC Board Member Ilene Abramson (Los Angeles Public Library)
Author and CLC member Nancy Smiler Levinson, Susan Dubin, and friend.


CLC Emeritus Peggy Miller (center) and friends.
Author and CLC member Alexis O'Neill (far right) and friends.


Marguerite Raybould (left) (Pomona Public Library) and friend.
CLC Board Member Lynne Mook (right) and friend.


CLC member Susan Patron (Los Angeles Public Library)
Author and CLC member Robin Rector Krupp
CLC Awards Committee Member Laurie Reese (Los Angeles Public Library) and CLC Vice President Cathy Ryne (Sierra Madre Public Library)



Maida Wong (South Pasadena Public Library), Stephanie Meyer (Campbell Hall), and friend
CLC member Gail Kim (left) (Los Angeles Public Library), Mara Alpert (right) (Los Angeles Public Library), and friend.


Author Jerry Stanley (far right) and his family with his book covers on their shirts!
Author and illustrator and CLC member Marla Frazee and her husband



Author Hope Anita Smith (2nd from left) and friends
CLC Board Members Judith Cantor (University Elementary School - UCLA) and Susan Erickson (San Bernadino Public Library)


Madeleine Comora
signing George Washington's Teeth - llustrated by Brock Cole
( Farrar, 2003)

Hope Anita Smith, winner of the "Myra Cohn Livingston Award for Poetry"
signs The Way A Door Closes
Illustrated by Shane W. Evans (Henry Holt, 2003)

Marla Frazee
signs Roller Coaster (Harcourt, 2003)

Dr. Stephen Krashen
signs The Power of Reading

Jerry Stanley signs
Cowboys and Longhorns: A Portrait of the Long Drive
(Crown, 2003)


Descanso Gardens
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