Saturday, November 5, 2011
50th Anniversary Celebration



Fall Gala Program A look at past CLC Celebrations Register Here with CLC Board Member Joanna Fabicon
Romanesque Room - Green Hotel, Pasadena, CA
Featured Speaker Lois Lowry and CLC President Shana Johnson CLC Board Members Laurie Reese and Pamela Greene
CLC Board Members Ann Stampler and Judith Kantor
Judith Kantor, Michael Kart, Kris O'Connell George CLC Board Members Roger Kelly and Shana Johnson
Diane Tellefsen, Friend, and CLC Board Member Betsy Kahn LAPL Librarians
CLC Cookies Happy 50th Anniversary to CLC from CLC President Shana Johnson Keynote Speaker, Lois Lowry
Laurie Reese, Kay Driscoll, Pamela Greene, and Eva Mitnick Nick Davis, CLC Board Member Jennifer Driscoll, Beverly Clay and Friend - Pasadena Library
Keynote Speaker Lois Lowry
CLC Awards Chair and CLC Board Member Barbara Metzenbaum CLC Book Awards Committee Member Camille Keo Campos presents award winner Neal Shusterman
CLC Board Member Alyson Beecher presents award to Pam Munoz Ryan Cecil Castellucc receives award
Friend of Neal Shusterman receives award from Camille Keo Campos Alyson Beecher CLC Book Awards Committee Member Jeanette Johnson presents to Cecil Castellucci
CLC Board Member and Awards Committee Member Marjorie Arnett presents to Caroline Arnold Caroline Arnold and Marjorie Arnett
  2011 Dorothy C. McKenzie Winner Sharon Hearn from Children's Book World receives award from CLC President Shana Johnson  
Mara Alpert and Virginia Walter Authors Eve Bunting and Caroline Arnold