2019 CLCSC Awards

Excellence in a Picture Book
Anne Bollman
Help Find Frank by Anne Bollman
Anne Bollman
Help Find Frank
Sterling Children's Books, 2018
"Excellence in a Work of Juvenile Fiction"
Marie Miranda Cruz
Everlasting Nora by Marie Miranda Cruz
Marie Miranda Cruz
Everlasting Nora
Starscape, 2018
"Outstanding Work of Creative Non-Fiction"
Sally Deng
Skyward: The Story of Female Pilots of WWII
Sally Deng
Skyward: The Story of Female Pilots of WWII
Flying Eye Books, 2018
"Peggy Miller Award for Young Adult Literature"

Dana Davis

Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now by Dana Davis
Dana L. Davis
Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now
Harlequin Teen, 2018



"Dorothy C. McKenzie Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Children's Literature"
Lee Wardlaw

Lee Wardlaw
Author and Poet

For Her Work after the California Wildfires
From collecting donations of books, to transporting them herself all the way from Santa Barbara to Paradise, CA in an RV, Lee Wardlaw embodies true youth advocacy. She saw a literary need for the children of Paradise and their families, and took upon herself to fill that need, with creativity, compassion and drive. In doing so, she helped recreate something for the children that they had lost in the Paradise fires; a sense of normalcy, escape and community.

An article by Jason Boog in Publishers' Weekly, April 16, 2019 tells the whole story: "Donations Help Rebuild Libraries in Paradise, Calif."  



EVENTS - Spring Workshop
Ann Bausum

2018 Spring Workshop
was held Saturday, May 19, 2018
9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Glendale Public Library

Photos from the day of the event can be found HERE.

"Sharing Hard Truths in Nonfiction
for Children and Young Adults"

Keynote Speaker: Ann Bausum

Although "fake news," "alternative facts," bans on words and attacks on knowledge are not new in the history of our country, this is the climate in which writers are writing and librarians and teachers are sharing works of nonfiction for young readers. We are living in hard times for justice, understanding, and truth. In this workshop, we explored the state and look of nonfiction for children and young adults in 2018, where young readers get their nonfiction, and whose stories are being told and have yet to be told.

Ann Bausum writes about history for young people. Her books help upper elementary, middle school, and high school students discover the drama and significance of stories from history that may barely be presented in their textbooks. Her goal is to "make history relevant, engaging, alive, and irresistible." In a recent Horn Book article, Ann writes, "We observe that forgotten history tends to be repeated. Nothing good comes from distorted history, either, which is why we must hold fast to the truth, even when it’s painful, and do our best to set down stories straight." For more information about Ann, please visit her website:

Following Ann's Keynote Speech, workshop attendees rotated through four "deep-dive" sessions that focused on writing, reading, and teaching hard truths with and for children and young adults, as well as the look and content of contemporary nonfiction. A Nonfiction Petting Zoo will be on display throughout the workshop. Sessions were facilitated by: 

Michelle Markel Michelle Markel, Author
Annette Goldsmith Annette Goldsmith, Lecturer, University of Washington Information School
Ethan Bradbury Ethan Bradbury, History Teacher and Highly Gifted Magnet Coordinator at North Hollywood High School
Madeline Bryant Madeline Bryant, Principal Librarian, Youth Services Department, Los Angeles Public Library




Past Spring Workshops


Cen Campbell

Harriet Ziefert


"Early Literacy in the Digital Age"
Saturday, May 3, 2014 - Fullerton Public Library


Cen Campbell
Founder & Editor-in-Chief of



Harriet Ziefert
Children's Author and Publisher of Blue Apple Books


Kristin Fontichiaro

Roger Sutton


"Embracing Your Core: Libraries, Literature, and the New Common Core State Standards"

Kristin Fontichiaro
Kristin is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of Information. She teaches courses in contextual inquiry and user needs assessment, makerspace culture and tools, information literacy, and library and information science.



Roger Sutton
Editor of The Horn Book
Considered by many to be the leading expert of children's literature, Roger has been editor-in-chief of The Horn Book since 1996. He has led and advanced the magazne's "superb reputation for book reviewing while expanding its coverage of the cultural and social significance of children's and young adult literature."


Dr. Ricki Robinson

Barbara Klipper


"Serving Children With Autism: Literature, Libraries and Learning"

Dr. Ricki Robinson
Dr. Robinson is the co-director of Descanso Medical Center for Development and Learning in La Canada, CA. He is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and Senior Attending Physician at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. In private practice, she has specialized in children with developmental delays.


Barbara Klipper
Barbara is a librarian, author and trainer in the area of inclusive library programs. Her book, Programming for Children and Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder, is used by librarians all over the country to develop library programs for children with special needs.


Wendlyn Van Draanen


"Read the Movie? Using Movies Based on Books to Promote Literacy"

Wendlyn Van Draanen, Author of "Flipped"
Carl Gottleib, Screenwriter
Mary Menzel, Director of California Center for the Book as Moderator


"Old Passions - New Technologies: Children's and Young Adult Literature in a Web 2.0 World"

Tracy Grand
Elizabeth Khuri Chandler
Gregory Pincus
Eva Mitnick


"I Can Read It by Myself...But Do I Want to?  Inspiring Emergent Readers"

Megan Lambert
Eric Carle Picture Book Museum, Boston, MA.
Megan is a Senior Lecturer in Children's Literature at Simmons College. She is the author of Reading Picture Books with Children: How to Shake Up Storytime and Get Kids Talking About What They See which introduces the Whole Books Approach to storytime that she developed in association with the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum.



Diane Stanley


"Biography for Children and Young Adults"

Diane Stanley
Elizabeth Partridge
Susan Goldman Rubin



Donald Davis

"Let's Tell Stories: A Day of Storytelling for Librarians, Teachers, and Families"

Donald Davis
Gay Ducey
Karen Golden
Karen Rae Kraut

Leslie Perry
Padraic Keohane

Gay Ducey Karen Golden Karen Rae Kraut Leslie Perry Padraic Keohane



Michele Gorman

Tricia Suellentrop

"Inspiring the Next Generation of Teen Readers"

Michele Gorman
Michele Gorman is the Deputy Director for Lifelong Learning, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. She is responsible for strategic programming and services for Children's Services, Teen Services, Adult Services, and Outreach. She was also the Library's Teen Services Coordinator. She is a freelance writer and renowned national speaker. Her publications include: Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: How to Do It Manual; Getting Graphic! Comics for Kids; and Getting Graphic: Using Graphic Novels to Promote Literacy with Preteens and Teens.

Tricia Suellentrop
Tricia is the Deputy County Librarian for the Johnson County Library in Kansas. Formerly a Teen Services Librarian, she co-authored the book, Connecting Young Adults and Libraries: How to Do It Manual with Michele Gorman.



2005 Michael Sullivan

"Connecting Boys With Books"

Michael Sullivan

Author of Connecting Boys With Books: What Libraries Can Do





Eliza Dresang

Nancy Smiler Levinson

Kathleen Krull

"Radical Change: Creative Non-Fiction for Youth"

Eliza Dresang
Author of
Radical Change: Books for Youth in a Digital Age (H.W. Wilson, 2000)


Nancy Smiler Levinson
Prolific author of nonfiction and fiction books for children including nonfiction for beginning readers.




Kathleen Krull
Prolific author of award-winning biographies for children.





2002 Leonard Marcus

"The Business of Books: The Marketing and Reviewing of Books for Children and Teens"

Leonard Marcus
Susan Patron
Dr. Marilyn Robertson



2001 Michael Cart

"Visual Literacy: Looking at Children's Book Illustration"

Michael Cart
Marla Frazee
Joe Cepeda
Linda Duke



2000 Ginny moore Kruse

"Lets Talk About Books: How to Form and Lead Children's and Young Adult Book Discussion Groups"

Ginny Moore Kruse
of the Cooperative Children's Book Center in Madison, Wisconsin.



1999 Myra Cohn Livingston

"Celebrating Poetry: The Gifts of Myra Cohn Livingston"

X.J. Kennedy
Debra Chandra
Monica Gunning
Kristine O'Connell George
Ann Paul


1998 Kathleen Odean

"Looking at Children's Books Through the Lens of Gender"

Kathleen Odean






"Bibliorama! The Best 75 YA Books So Far"

Patty Campbell



"The Creative Spirit: Linking Children, Literature, and Learning"

Dr. Sally Thomas
Pat Kunkel
Dr. Virginia Walter (LAPL)
Anne Connor (LAPL)


“Visual Literacy:  Looking at Children’s Book Illustration”

Joanna Cotler
Delores Johnson
Robin Rector-Krupp
Deborah Nourse Lattimore
Grace Ruth,
Chair of the 1995 Caldecott Committee on Evaluation of Picture Books.


"What's on Everybody's Mind: Personal and Professional Survival"

Bessie Egan
Dr. Rick Salway
Sue Curzon


“Share the Enthusiasm: Motivating Others to Read”

Walter Mayes, Marketing Department of Bantam Coubleday Dell


“Marketing the Library:  Its Services and Collections”

Jack Buchanan, Director, Santa Maria Public Library
with panelists:Jody Fickes, Adventures for Kids Bookstore and Ellen Nathan Elementary School Librarian


“Horn Book Symposium,”

Anita Silvey, The Challenges of Literary Criticism


“Non-Fiction for a New Age”
James Cross Giblin, Beverly Korbin, and Betty Carter—writing & publishing, selection & evaluation, techniques for using non-fiction


Charlotte Huck & 12 panelists



“The Challenge of Sharing Books"
Zilpha Keatley Snyder
Helping communities accept the diversity in literature for young people


“Implementing the California Reading Initiative”



The Pleasure of Spoken Language as an Introduction to Literature”
Augusta Baker, “Bringing Children and Books Together through Storytelling; Toddler Storyhour


“Braving a New Frontier:  Cable TV & Library Services to Children”


"Inspiring an Early Love of Books to Combat the Rising Tide of Illiteracy and Mediocrity"
Jim Trelease


"Children's Films and Literature"
featuring Shana Herzog, Mike Garafalo, Elaine Adder, Eileen Tokar, Kay Simonette, and Cathy Saldin


"Celebrating the Work of Hans Christian Andersen"


"Children as Mirrors: What Children Learn from Literature"
featuring Joanne Lynn, Carolyn Murry, and Philip Dreyer


"Welcome to Our Shores: How Can We Provide a Cultural Exchange with Children and Young People from Southeast Asia?"



“Book Production in the International Year of the Child”


1978   “Storytelling, Film, Songs, and Games for 9-13 Year Olds; New Directions in Book Binding"
Maria Gripe


Arbuthnot Lecture
Jean Fritz
(co-sponsored with 13 other local institutions)


“Are Children’s Books an Endangered Species?”
Six panelists at El Camino College


“Springboards to Reading:  A Workshop to Explore Creative Approaches to Literature with Child Involvement as the Key.”
—Choose two workshops out of four:  Creative Writing, Child Participation in Storytelling, Puppetry, Literature through Media, at Glendale High School


“Take Wing:  Beyond the Language Barrier”
“Trends in Children’s Literature:  An International Point of View,” Dr.Richard Bamberger;
“Children’s Films with an International Flavor”
“The Pleasures of Pantomime:  A Worldwide Language,” Jack Albee, Mime


“Creative Arts and Children’s Literature” Music, Art, Poetry, Creative dramatics, Weston Woods, cosponsored by Cal State Fullerton


Puppetry Workshop
with Betsy Brown



Storytelling Workshop.  Guests:  Doris Gates & Frances Clarke Sayers film; Demonstrations, Jeanette Fijita (Preschool), Binnie Tate Wilkin (“Ethnic”), Van Windham (Folktale), jointly sponsored by SCCLCYP & UCLA Extension


“A Program to Surprise & Delight Authors interested in Children and Their Literature,” & International Children’s Book Day, Mildred Batchelder Award, & Hans Christian Anderson Award
Anne Pelowski, guest speaker


"Symposium on Storytelling"
Augusta Baker
(Co-sponsored w/CLA’s Children’s & Young People’s Association)


Screening of the film, The Lively Art of the Picture Book, Graphic Arts Festival, UCLA, Frances Clarke Sayers,
“In Celebration of Picture Books”

1964   Screening of the film, Island of the Blue Dolphins


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