2018 CLCSC Awards

"Outstanding Picture Book Biography"
Michael Mahin
Michael Mahin
Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2017.
"Excellence in a Picture Book"
Dan Santat
After the Fall by Dan Santat
Dan Santat
After the Fall: How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again
Roaring Book Press, 2017.
"Myra Cohn Livingston Award for Poetry"
Nikki Grime
One Last Word by Nikki Grimes
Nikki Grimes
One Last Word
Bloomsberry USA Childrens, 2017.
"Peggy Miller Award for Young Adult Literature"

Leigh Bardugo

Sara Kipin

The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo and Sara Kipin
Leigh Bardugo and Sara Kipin
The Language of Thorns
Imprint, 2017.
*Notable Contributions to the Field of Nonfiction
Susan Goldman Rubin

Maya Lin: Thinking with Her Hands by Susan Goldman Rubin

The Quilts of Gee's Bend by Susan Goldman Rubin

Susan Goldman Rubin
Maya Lin: Thinking with Her Hands
Chronicle Books, 2017.
The Quilts of Gee's Bend
Harry N. Abrams, 2017.
"Dorothy C. McKenzie Award for Distinguished Service to the Field of Children's Literature"
Elizabeth Dragga for The Book Truck

Elizabeth Dragga
Founder and Executive Director - The Book Truck

From the official website of The Book Truck:
Elizabeth Dragga, "a former bookseller, librarian, and education advocate founded The Book Truck in 2011 in response to a lack of literacy outreach programming for teenagers.... The Book Truck increases literacy skills among foster care and low-income teens in order to break the cycle of poverty...Thousands of free books are gien every year to foster care and low income teens throughout Los Angeles.





















































































The Children's Literature Council of Southern California is a professional organization of librarians, teachers, authors, and illustrators creating a community that honors and promotes children's and young adult literature.


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   Members - Speakers' Bureau


         The speakers on this list are all members of the Children's Literature Council of Southern California. They          are authors, illustrators, librarians, and poets, including those members of the Council who speak on          topics concerned with children's literature. To be included on this list, please contact Webmaster.

         When contacting speakers on this list, please recognize that all speakers must be paid. Expenses          (including travel and lodging if necessary) and fees/honoraria are to be negotiated between you and          the speaker. You will also need to discuss, with the speaker you invite, how many presentations          he/she will do in a day and any audio/visual equipment needed for the presentation.

         All speakers are listed alphabetically.  Inclusion on this list does not include an endorsement from CLC.          Last updated October 2018. Speakers are in Alphabetical Order:


Christine M. Allen (School District Librarian K-12)

Contact: Christine M. Allen
Phone: 951-676-7402
Preferred Audience: Adults - K-12 staff
Program: Collection Development K-12 (including weeding);
Specialized bibliographies K-12; Reference K-12
Clerical instruction K-6; Internet Freedom Issues
Length of Program: 30-45 minutes
Previous Programs: Long Beach IMT Program, CSLA - over the years.


Caroline Arnold (Author)

Contact: Caroline Arnold
Preferred Audience: Elementary school students, Middle school students
Program: I do an interactive slide presentation in which I talk about the process of getting ideas and doing research. I also discuss the writing process and how a book is made. With younger children, I read a story instead. I also talk about how I started writing and what it is like to be an author.
Length of Program: 40-45 minutes
Previous Programs: Claremont Young Peoples Reading Conference, Long Beach Author Festival, Newport-Mesa Author Festival


Eve Bunting (Author)

Contact: Eve Bunting
Preferred Audience: Adults
Program: An exploration of children's books from the writer's point of view
Length of Program: 1 hour and signing if necessary
Previous Programs: IRA, SCCLCYP, ALAL, CRA, TLA, FOCAL, and over 30 years of speaking in many schools and libraries.


Kristine O'Connell George

Contact: Kristine O'Connell George
Preferred Audience: Elementary School students, Middle School Students
Program: Who needs poetry? Whether a conference keynote or a school visit, presentations are designed with this question in mind. Props, overheads, and audience participation are part of the mix as we explore the magic and possibilities of poetry and I share the stories and creative writing techniques behind my poetry collections.
Length of Program: 30-50 minutes, depending on age group
Previous Programs: ALA, IRA, NCTE, Hennepin County Library (Minnesota), Crossroads, Palmquist Elementary, Peninsula Heritage.


Pamela Greene (Children's Librarian)

Contact: Pamela Greene
Preferred Audience: Adults - Children's Librarians, Teachers
Program: "Between the Books: Fingerplays, Stretches, Songs, Flannelboards, Puppets, and Other Activities that Enhance a Storytelling Experience for Children Ages 2 to 10." 
I bring a vast collection of ideas and props that I have used in my storytelling and storytime programs over the last 25 years.  Designed to inspire new children's librarians and rejuvenate others.  Lots of handouts - lyrics, patterns, and program suggestions.
Length of Program: 1 Hour, 2 hour, 3 hour programs available.
Previous Programs: UCLA Friday Forum series; San Bernardino County Public Library System - Children's Librarians' Meeting; Los Angeles Public Library - Children's Librarian's Monthly Order Meeting.


Sonia Levitin (Author, Teacher)

Contact: Sonia Levitin
Preferred Audience: Elementary, Middle School, High School students, Adults
Program: Numerous programs: Sudan Slavery & Redemption (slides); Journeys of a Writer (how and why I write); Immigrants in America - a personal story of escape to America during WWII; There's More than Gold in California - based on my 4 western books; "Seeds of Hate" - a look at tolerance issues in my books.
Length of Program: 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Previous Programs: Simon Wiesenthal Center - Museum of Tolerance; John Thomas Day School; ?Sinai Temple School; Mizel Museum (Denver, CO); Santa Monica Library; Palos Verde Library; Sacramento area & Los Angeles schools.


Alexis O'Neill (Author)

Contact: Alexis O'Neill
Preferred Audience: Grades K - 8, but can adjust programs to any age. Specialty: professional development for teachers.
Program: "Playing With Words." Using music, costumes, props, pictures, and kinesthetic experiences, Alexis's interactive assemblies encourage kids to use their whole body to experience books. Through behind-the-scenes stories about her books, she shows kids how she came to be a writer, where she find ideas, how rewrites improved her work, and how she submits a book for publication. As an author and an educator, her goal is to inspire kids to capture the joy of reading, improve their writing, and create works they are proud of.
Length of Program: 45 - 60 minutes
Previous Programs: CSLA, CRA, IRA, SCCBA, SCBWI, NAEYC, AAUW, CARS (California Association of Resource Specialists), UCLA Extension Writers' Program instructor, California Lutheran University, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Claremont Young People's Reading Conference, J. Paul Getty Museum, Mystic Seaport Museum, Los Angeles Public Libraries, Visalia School District, Tulare County Schools, Kern County Schools, Glendale Assistance League, San Francisco area schools, Sacramento area schools, Santa Barbara Author-Go-Round, Ventura County Reading Association, San Joaquin Reading Association, Ventura County School Library Conference.


Susan Patron (Author, Librarian, Children's Book Reviewer)

Contact: Susan Patron
Preferred Audience: Adults
Program: For parents and teachers -- The best children's books of the year - a look at what's new and recommended. For Librarians - Selecting and developing excellent children's collections
Length of Program: 45 minutes
Previous Programs: Children's Literature Council, Skylights Books (Los Feliz)


Joanne Rocklin (Author)

Contact: Joanne Rocklin
Preferred Audience: Elementary, Middle School, High School students; Adults
Program: Presenting - My Magic Storybuilders! In large assemblies or smaller focused writing workshops, former school teacher and psychologist Joanne Rocklin shares exactly how the Magic of story-building happens for her, explains away the mysteries and gives lots of surprising and practical tips! Includes a puppet, slides, audience participation, readings, handouts and fun.
Length of Program: 1 hour including questions
Previous Programs: Claremont Graduate School, Liberty School (Riverside), Cambridge Heights School, UCLA Extension.


Susan Goldman Rubin (Author, Teacher-UCLA Writers' Program, Photo Researcher)

Contact: Susan Goldman Rubin
Preferred Audience: Elementary, Middle School, High School students, Adults
Program: I do programs with or without slides. Some of my themes are "Art All Around Us," "Researching and Writing Nonfiction Books for Children," "The Power of Art: Bringing Hope through Hard Times," "Behind the Scenes in Art," "Nurturing Creativity in Children," and "Friedl Dicker-Brandeis: Heroine of the Holocaust."
Length of Program: 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on age
Previous Programs: National Building Museum (Washington D.C.), Children's Literature Conference (Northern Illinois University), 35th Annual CRA Conference (Ontario CA), SCBWI Awards Banquet, 2001; Young Adult Program-Whittwood Branch Library (Whittier CA), Young People's Reading Conference, Claremont Graduate University, Meet the Author Program, LAPL.


Sachs, Alva (Author, Former Teacher)

Contact: Alva Sachs
Preferred Audience: Elementary, Middle School students.
Program: Pre-K to 5th grade Interactive storytime; writing workshops-age appropriate; developing communication and socialization through reading and writing, character development, story, plot, etc.
Length of Program: Depends on the age of the group - 30-60 minutes.
Previous Programs: Camarillo Heights Elementary School; Dearborn Elementary School; Taft high School Passport to Reading; City of Moorpark Library; City of Calabasas Library; City of Simi Valley Library; Several Barnes & Noble Stores (Calabasas, Thousand Oaks; The Grove; Woodland Hills).  Kiwanis Clubs, libraries, and various other community organizations promoting literacy for children.


Sandy Schuckett (Retired School Librarian)

Contact: Sandy Schuckett
E-mail: aq061@lafm/org
Preferred Audience: Adults
Program: (1) Multilingual book collections in school libraries - how to select, organize and utilize to best advantage for students. (2) Library advocacy - how to get decision makers to support your library.
Length of Program: 1 1/2 hours
Previous Programs: CSLA, CABE, AASL, California Assn. Of Library Trustees and Commissioners, National Commisssion on Library and Information Services, Missouri Association of School Libraries, PTA (various public and private schools), Catholic Library Association, Cal State Long Beach - Library Credential program.


Lisa Silverman (Library Director)

Contact: Lisa Silverman
Preferred Audience: Elementary, Middle School, High School students, Adults.
Program: Terrible Things: Examining the Holocaust using picture books (for grades 4-12 and teachers of those grades). A startling number of new picture books now deal with the Holocaust. Excellent for beginning a study or for delving into the human stories that accompany the historical facts.
Length of Program: 50 - 90 minutes.
Previous Programs: Ohio State Children's Literature Conference, Redlands Children's Literature Conference, CSLA, Association of Jewish Librarians.


April Halprin Wayland (Author, Poet)

Contact: April Halprin Wayland
Preferred Audience: Elementary, Middle School, High School students, Adults.
Program: Whatever the age, there's audience participation in April's high-energy poetry workshops and presentation. Her message? "Good writing takes TIME." Sponsors have commented: "I've taught…all over the world…in my entire career, I've never seen a better author presentations." "Not only…fun to watch and listen to - (April) inspired us to the best writing we've done all year."
Length of Program: Prefer 60-90 minutes but flexible: 45 minutes - 3 hours or more.
Previous Programs: Ohio State Children's Literature Conference, Redlands Children's Literature Conference, CSLA, Association of Jewish Librarians.